Timescale for 6.1-RELEASE...

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Wed Apr 12 01:04:03 UTC 2006

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>On 4/11/06, Ted Mittelstaedt <tedm at toybox.placo.com> wrote:
>> I beg to differ Nikolas, there is still work that needs to be
>> done on the disk driver.  See PR 95184.  It was right to shift the
>> release schedule.
>> I don't know what you running for hardware but I don't think many
>> people really appreciate what is going on with SATA these days,
>> how incredibly damn fast that mirrored SATA arrays of large 500Gb
>> disks are wiping everything else off the map.
>> In the servers that I have that ARE working with the new high
>> speed SATA array chipsets, the disk I/O is an order of magnitude
>> faster than anything else.  Faster than any UDMA drive, any SCSI
>> array you want to throw at it.  And larger.  and a LOT cheaper.
>> And disk space is getting so big so fast that mirroring is going
>> to be the only option for desktops Real Soon Now, because when you
>> have a gigabyte of disk space that is shipping standard with
>> a desktop PC and costs only $200  (which will happen by the middle
>> of next year) there's no way in hell that you can back that up
>> to anything, the costs of tape storage for an office full of
>> desktops like that would be out of the question.
>Yes... tell me about it, I have a 2TB SATA-II array and it's cheaper
>to backup that array to another, off-site, array then it is to go with
>tape. Tape is way behind the times when compared with SATA/IDE disk
>> And what is more frustrating is this is the best chance that has
>> come along for years to kick the crap out of Linux market share.
>> Linux support of SATA stinks, they are trying to send everyone to
>> the 3rd parties for drivers rather than incorporating them in
>> the Linux distros.  Well I can tell you that Ying-Tao cloney baloney
>> motherboard maker in Asia who is using an off-the-shelf raided SATA
>> chipset in their $1.99 motherboard-of-the-month, they aren't going
>> to provide drivers for anything other than Windows.
>> FreeBSD's support of mirrored sata and udma raid chips is already
>> better than Linux, but it needs to be absolutely top flight before
>> 6.1 ships.
>The person you should thank is Søren Schmidt, http://www.deepcore.dk/
>> You can get around a lot of hardware support problems - such as
>> buggy drivers for the serial ports/network card/usb port/etc. -
>> but if your disk driver is buggy you cannot even get an OS on
>> the hardware that you can even patch.  You are dead in the water
>> and 99% of the people in that situation are going to toss the
>> FreeBSD 6.1 CD and go to something else.
>I think the ICH7 sata problem has already been fixed, check the logs
>here: http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/src/sys/dev/ata/ if not
>jump onto the stable mailing list and start waving your hands.

I'm doing a make release on today's cvs as we speak, I'll see tomorrow
if it recognizes the disks.


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