Need /bin/sh script help

Jan Grant jan.grant at
Tue Apr 11 21:56:53 UTC 2006

On Tue, 11 Apr 2006, gs_stoller at wrote:

> On  Mon, 10 Apr 2006 22:30:32 -0700  Garrett Cooper wrote (my brief response follows all of his text):
>     Just making a series of sh scripts to help automate updating and 
> whatnot of my fileserver (since I am trying to avoid having mistakes 
> occur with my system, and maybe help the community out a bit by 
> providing some decent means of updating their own machines), and I was 
> wondering if anyone could help me out with the following script I've 
> developing (the grep if statements are incorrect..):

> I see a problem in the line
> if [ -n `grep -e s/KERNCONF=/ /etc/make.conf` ] # want to look for 
> you should have double-quotes around the  `grep  ...  conf`
> because it is likely to produce more than one token and so the
>  [ -n ... ] statement violates the syntax (there should be exactly 1 
> token between the -n and the ] , even no token there is an error, the 
> way that is handled is to quote it. I am writing this quickly without 
> bringing up my FreeBSD system to check it.  Good luck.

Or simply use the error status of grep, no "[" invocation:

	if grep -q ...

Note that if you're looking at automating the update process you should 
probably pay careful attention to the world/kernel update process 
described in the handbook; there are steps (like an initial mergemaster 
-p) that you will want to include.

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