IBM xSeries 226 Help needed

Webster, Andrew awebster at
Tue Apr 11 14:24:32 UTC 2006

I'm having problems with an IBM xSeries 226 system.  It has a SATA disk in it, and when booting with FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE, it does not detect any drives.
If I boot in safe mode, however it can see the disk just fine as "ad4" and I can install the OS on it.
I tried turning on/off ACPI but that didn't help either.
Why does it work okay in safe mode but not normal mode?
Verbose booting in normal mode says this about the ATA controllers, so I'm assuming it is actually seeing the CDROM and the disk:
ata0: reset tp2 stat0=00 stat1=00 devices=0x4<ATAPI_MASTER>
ata1: reset tp2 stat0=01 stat1=01 devices=0x0
ata2: reset tp2 stat0=50 stat1=00 devices=0x1<ATAPI_MASTER>
ata3: reset tp2 stat0=ff stat1=00 devices=0x0
ata0 and ata2 are reinitted a couple more times, then it can't find any filesystems to mount.

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