ClamAV question

Darryl Hoar darryl at
Tue Apr 11 13:30:49 UTC 2006

I am running Freebsd 6-release.  I have been following the document for setting up qmail, squirrel,
spamassasssin & clamav (& misc) on Freebsd.

Everything has gone fine, but I am having a small problem.
When I run the -doit which sends a regular email, a
spam email & 2 virus emails (safe of course) , ClamAV places the
messages in the quarantine directory, but never delevers the warning
message to the intended recepient notifying them of the email being
quarantines.  From my reading, that is what is suppose to happen.

I have googled, I have posted to the forums at, I have
IRC'd on the clamav channel with no help.

Any ideas ?


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