Need /bin/sh script help

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Tue Apr 11 05:30:41 UTC 2006

Hello again all,
    Just making a series of sh scripts to help automate updating and 
whatnot of my fileserver (since I am trying to avoid having mistakes 
occur with my system, and maybe help the community out a bit by 
providing some decent means of updating their own machines), and I was 
wondering if anyone could help me out with the following script I've 
developing (the grep if statements are incorrect..):



cd /usr/src;

if [ -n `grep -e s/KERNCONF=/ /etc/make.conf` ] # want to look for 
KERNCONF in /etc/make.conf
        echo "enter in the kernel conf file full pathname:";
        read KERNCONF;

if [ -n `grep -e s/NO_CLEAN=*yes*/ /etc/make.conf` ] // want to look for 
NO_CLEAN in /etc/make.conf -- is this really necessary?
        cd sys;
        echo "cleaning sources"
        make clean;
        make cleandir;
        cd ..;

echo "building kernel";
make buildkernel $KC;

echo "installing kernel";
make installkernel $KC;

echo "kernel compile complete. reboot to try new kernel";


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