Bge Kernel Compile Issues

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Mon Apr 10 22:26:30 UTC 2006

Wil Hatfield wrote:

>>Yes I ran a buildworld first.
>>No I can't build the GENERIC config as it has ALOT more problems than just
>>the bge drivers.
>What I am saying about the GENERIC is that it chokes when trying to install
>alot of the GENERIC drivers that aren't needed. For instance the aic and
>aha. Once I disable those the compile gets alot farther and eventually gets
>to the bge issue. Which I have yet to get resolved.
>I am going to try the GENERIC again without changing anything at all. Even
>the firewall and SMP. Just right out of the box GENERIC. If it makes it to
>6.1-PRE then I will try the custom kernel. Perhaps the sequence of events is
>the issue. Or maybe the firewall and SMP. We shall see.
>Wil Hatfield
Check your RAM lately? Kernel and world compiles usually make RAM issues 

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