DL320 G3 Adaptec or Intel RAID?

Emil Thelin emil at hostname.nu
Mon Apr 10 13:23:55 UTC 2006

On Mon, 10 Apr 2006, No at SPAM@mgEDV.net wrote:

> we've got an hp proliant dl320 g3 with an embedded SATA-150
> raid controller. loading 6.1B4 shows ad4 and ad6 as normal
> disks but the RAID controller or the configured array is not
> shown at all.
> during POST the raid bios announces as:
> "Adaptec Embedded SATA HostRAID BIOS V3.0-1 1255"
> the embedded controller shows as:
> "Controller #00: ICH6R HostRAID at PCI Bus: 00, Dev: 1F, Func: 02"
> the configured array drive is shown something like:
> "Array 0 - RAID 1: 76GB optimal"
> can anyone tell if this adaptec/intel combination is supported
> by freebsd in any way? the ICH6R is listed in the hw-section,
> but the os doesn't find this special one.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here, the ICH6R is a software raid 
controller and its not supported in FreeBSD. Atleast not in 5.X.

However, if you can live without its raid-function the card itself works 
fine in FreeBSD.


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