seeking help on "adding a disk"

illoai at illoai at
Mon Apr 10 05:16:57 UTC 2006

On 4/9/06, Peter <petermatulis at> wrote:

> # fdisk -B -I /dev/ad2

I don't believe you need this step if you are
going to do:

> # bsdlabel -w -B /dev/ad2s1

Though I think you want to merely do
#bsdlabel -Bw /dev/ad2
. . . (I was and still am under the impression
that fdisk is not needed on dedicated freebsd
disks, as I have numerous times added disks
without it)

> Now shouldn't I have some values in the first (a:) row?

Not if you don't have a filesystem in there, which
should lead you to newfs, as,

> Anyway, when I try to create a filesystem with newfs I get an error:
> # newfs /dev/ad2s1a
> ..., 450493504, 450869856, 451246208,newfs: wtfs: 65536 bytes at sector
> 451622560: Input/output error

#newfs -U /dev/ad2a
is what I would try first.
or depending on how large of files I was planning on having
futzing with -b -i -f as well.

> Furthermore, the docs [1] for this drive say that an 80-wire cable is
> required.  I didn't have one handy so I had to
> use a 40-wire cable.  Could this be causing the trouble?

It shouldn't be able to run at better than udma66 (I think)
with a 40 conductor cable, though it should autodetect that
and default to the slower speed.  If it's not, I could see problems.

Good luck.


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