Numerous ftp timeouts - why?

Michael D. Norwick mnorwick at
Mon Apr 10 02:43:37 UTC 2006

fbsd_user wrote:

>I had this same problem when I was on dial up line.
>Once I got cable ISP internet connection the problem never happened
>Those ftp sites are busy and dial up connections degrade performance
>for the other concurrent users logged onto the ftp site and so dial
>up users get timed out and dropped.
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>New to FreeBSD not new to *nix.  Have the docs/handbook/faq, etc.
>freebsd 6.0 RELEASE on Compaq Proliant 2500R.
>Why when trying to install various apps from ports do the ftp
>frequently timeout?  If I manually fetch packages from
>sites the download goes ok, but this means I have to copy files to
>/usr/ports/distfiles manually.  did 'man fetch' but still no clue
>as to why this happens.
>Thank You,
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I'm on DSL.  The client wants to switch to EXTENDED PASSIVE MODE the
first time I want to change directories when connecting manually.  I end
up selecting passive 'off' to change directories without the connection
locking up.  I tried allowing bi-directional FTP requests through my
firewall.  Still no joy.
Just finishing up building KDE, it's been on and off for three days!

Thank You for the reply.


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