Google Earth on Wine on FBSD6.0

usleepless at usleepless at
Sun Apr 9 20:55:10 UTC 2006

Hello All,

i just want to share my experiences with Google Earth, and i am
curious about other solutions to get it working properly.

i compiled wine from the ports tree:

$ pkg_info | grep wine
wine-0.9.7,1        Microsoft Windows compatibility layer for Unix-like systems

i installed Google Earth on an uhhhh machine, and hooked the harddrive
onto my FBSD6.0 machine ( looking back, this could have been done with
winzip or any archiver ).

i experimented a little, read the winehq db info. what i found was, it
can work, but your .wine dir has to be very very fresh. i could not
directly find out why this is. anybody?

so it ended up with this:


rm -rf .wine
cp Arial.TTF .wine/drive_c/windows/fonts
cd ".wine/drive_c/Program Files" ; tar xzf ~/ge.tgz
WINEDLLOVERRIDES="usp10,msvcrt=n" wine "c:\Program Files\Google\Google

this script assumes:

-Arial.TTF in your home dir
-ge.tgz in your home dir ( containing "Google/Google Earth/*" )
-you have editted the default_lt.kvw as suggested on winehq

changes i am not sure about: my tgz might contains a downloaded copy
of msvcrt.dll. i don't think it matters.

the result is pretty impressive: text is not spaced properly, but for
the rest it works! ( with some quirks )

i am eager to hear about other (cleaner ) solutions.

i also tested winword.exe from the other HD btw: worked out of the
box. the other office apps did not however. anyway, it was a while
since i tried to use wine, and the progress they made impressed me.



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