about sendmail security update

Gonzalo Suarez gonzalo.llorente at gmail.com
Sat Apr 8 15:25:46 UTC 2006


i'm a very new freebsd user/admin. i run my own server since 1 month ago, i
've been told about a security issue with sendmail. i read about it on the
security ad
I don't know how could i get my system patch or upgraded. some people
tell me to quit using sendmail and try postfix, but i would like to fix
sendmail and try to configure it...

I installed the system with a freebsd5.4 release cd. i downloaded the patch
and when I excuted it i realized that i don't have the source code of
sendmail since i started the installation with de cd-rom standard
installation. what am i supposed to do now? patch or upgrade. what is the
easy way? i have compiled some little C code for college practices and
installed some bsd-ports with make install but  now i'm a little bit lost

thanks for your help.


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