OpenGL and Intel Graphics [WAS: Cake and Eat it Too: RTCW Port]

Jeff Cross jeff.cross at
Sat Apr 8 06:18:39 UTC 2006

Jona Joachim wrote:
> Michael Nottebrock wrote:
>> Jeff Cross schrieb:
>>> I did have "glx" and "dri" but I added the DRI section to my
>>> configuration.  Adding the section ans restarting X did not seem to work.
>>> I also did not have the i915.o kernel module on my system.  How might I
>>> go about getting/compiling that to see if ti may help?
>> cd /usr/src/modules/drm
>> make obj && make depend && make && make install
>> One thing I forgot in my last mail: Also make sure you have the
>> graphics/dri port installed.
>>> Also, if I don't have GLX support, why does glxgears run?
>> It runs using the fallback software renderer (which is slow and doesn't
>> support many features).
> To know whether hardware acceleration is available or not you can type
> glxinfo | grep rendering
> It should say "direct rendering: Yes" if everything works right.
> You should check out
> Perhaps you will need graphics/linux_dri as the game runs under the
> Linux compatibility layer but I don't know. I have an NVidia graphics
> card so I'm a bit spoiled :) RTCW as well as Enemy Territory run just
> fine here.
> Jona
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I ran the "make" commands you specified but still do not have a i915.o
file on my system.  Here is what I have related to i915:

$ locate i915

By the way, glxinfo | grep rendering returns no.  I also loaded the
graphics/dri port and graphics/linux_dri is already installed.

Any other suggestions?  Thanks in advance!

Jeff Cross

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