Promoting FreeBSD!

mikael info at
Sat Apr 8 01:56:26 UTC 2006


I am writing for different reasons. I am not sure which mail to send to 
so i use this one. Hope thats ok...

First of all i would like to tell you about my project. I am currently 
working on a BSD oriented website in Swedish. It will not be a FreeBSD 
specific website. I will cover most of those free BSD distributions who 
are available. But since I am an FreeBSD user, that part will be covered 
more than the others.
Exactly how all things will be, I really don't know yet. The project was 
born 2 weeks ago...

So, a question. Is it ok if I use the handbook to create different 
articles? I might create a Swedish Handbook later on, but i want to 
begin with smaller articles to get all things on its way...

I have been an ambassador for Fedora Core for a while now, but since I 
am not using Fedora anymore I am currently looking for other things to 
be involved in. I maybe should stick to my project but i want to offer 
my services to the FreeBSD project. If you have any need for a person 
like me, to work with promoting FreeBSD, and other stuff. Please let me 

Thats all for now...

Best regards,

Mikael Jacobsson

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