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Kris Anderson ciscoaix at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 7 22:55:31 UTC 2006

--- "M. Goodell" <freebsdutah at yahoo.com> wrote:

> This might be a little off the exact topic of this
> list, so I ask your patience in advance. 
>   I am looking for collaboration software that is
> PHP based and has the following features:
>   1 - Ease of config & Maint.
>   2 - E-Mail
>   3 - Work Flow
>   4 - Contact management
>   5 - Task List
>   I downloaded Horde and lost patience with its over
> complex installation and setup. I wonder if Horde
> sets a record in FreeBSD for the most dependencies?
> Anyway, Horde is not a choice for me. If it's that
> difficult to install I can only imagine what it's
> like to admin.  Grrrrrr! Does anyone know of
> packages *like* Horde but without the mess of
> installation? 
>   Any information is welcomed.
>   Thanks in advance.

Hey there,

Check with Sourceforge (Under Enterprise), I was doing
a bit of research some time ago and there were some
really easy ones to work with. One of them even sent
out nightly reminders.

Hope that helps.

~Mr. Anderson

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