OpenGL and Intel Graphics [WAS: Cake and Eat it Too: RTCW Port]

Jeff Cross jeff.cross at
Fri Apr 7 21:50:53 UTC 2006

Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> Jeff Cross schrieb:
>>> GL_RENDERER: Mesa GLX Indirect
>>> ***********************************************************
>>>  You are using software Mesa (no hardware acceleration)!
>>>  Driver DLL used:
>>>  If this is intentional, add
>>>        "+set r_allowSoftwareGL 1"
>>>  to the command line when starting the game.
>>> ***********************************************************
>> [...]
>> Does anyone know if it is possible to run OpenGL game graphics on an
>> Intel based chipset?  When I run glxgears it runs like a champ,
>> returning anywhere from 450-500 fps.
> You seem to not have direct rendering / GLX enabled. I'm not sure if
> that is supported on your particular chipset, but it's nevertheless
> worth a try, since pretty much all games assume/require
> hardware-accelerated 3d graphics to be working in order to run properly.
> Make sure you have
> Load "glx"
> Load "dri"
> in Section "Module" in your xorg.conf as well as
> Section "DRI"
>         Mode    0666
> EndSection
> Also make sure you have the i915 drm kernel module available (is
> available in FreeBSD 6.0 and newer, should be in /boot/kernel/i915.o)
> and loaded (check with kldstat, try manually loading it before starting
> X if it doesn't get autoloaded).
> Cheers,

I did have "glx" and "dri" but I added the DRI section to my
configuration.  Adding the section ans restarting X did not seem to work.

I also did not have the i915.o kernel module on my system.  How might I
go about getting/compiling that to see if ti may help?

Also, if I don't have GLX support, why does glxgears run?

Jeff Cross

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