src upgrade from 4.11-p16 to 5.4 possible? (some success)

Derek Ragona derek at
Fri Apr 7 20:09:26 UTC 2006

I have had trouble in the past with point releases caused by two different 
sources:  Once source is an out of date /etc/make.conf, so compare yours 
with the new one with the new source tree in:

The other problem I have had is with some cvsup mirrors.  You may want to 
try a different mirror to pull the 5.4 source from.


At 12:00 PM 4/7/2006, B. Cook wrote:

>>[root at FreeBSD /usr/src]# echo $?
>>[root at FreeBSD /usr/src]# make -j6 buildworld
>>The CPUTYPE is not defined in /etc/make.conf, trying to make a clean build..
>>and this is RELENG_5_2_1
>>so make buildworld on this box completes.
>>I am going to try RELENG_5_3 and then if so then good ;)
>RELENG_5_3 builds world as well.. so 5_4 is the stumbling block..
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