Wine installation/configuration question

John Nielsen lists at
Fri Apr 7 18:07:51 UTC 2006

On Friday 07 April 2006 12:12, John Hoover wrote:
> I've having trouble with Wine. I'm getting the same error regardless
> if I compile from the ports tree, install a package, or compile from
> source.
> %wine program.exe
> fixme:msvcrt:_spawnve :not translating name /usr/local/lib/../bin/wine
> to locate program
> Then it just seems to sit there with Wine in a "piperd" state. I don't know
> what while would be waiting for and I've not had any luck with searching
> Google or WineHQ. Hopefully someone has seen this before or has an idea
> what it might be.
> Oh, the preinstalled apps, notepad.exe, sol.exe, produce the same result.

I started seeing the same thing after upgrading the port installed on my 
system, but only sometimes.  I haven't determined what's different between 
the times it works and the times it doesn't, but stubborn repetition (with 
slight variations such as running from a "wineconsole wcmd" prompt) seems to 
be a key ingredient.  Interestingly, a program I installed prior to upgrading 
the port (irfanview) has always worked fine, although I've seen the problem 
on most other programs I've tried to run.

I'm interested in tracking this down as well.


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