NAT, VPN and other SOHO router advice

Nick Stenning nickstenning at
Fri Apr 7 10:01:32 UTC 2006

> Given what you've said, you should set up the FreeBSD machine as a bridge
> rather than a router.

Having now read the manpage for bridge(4) and if_bridge(4), I am not
certain that this is going to achieve what I want to achieve. I'm told
by the FreeBSD HB that "The consensus is that assigning both cards an
address is a bad idea."

Since I want rl1 to have a public IP block and rl0 to have a private
IP, I assume this isn't going to work. So, router it is.

Now, for this VPN. I reckon my best bet is to run the PPTP client from
the BSD box, no?


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