OT: tcp redictor with dump-(in|out)put-to-stdout capability

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Fri Apr 7 09:53:39 UTC 2006

El día Friday, April 07, 2006 a las 12:43:09PM +0300, Nikos Vassiliadis escribió:

> > There is one of the oldest firewall toolkits, the TIS' FWTK,
> >
> > http://www.fwtk.org/main.html
> >
> > it has some so called 'plug-gw', writte in C, which does exactly what
> > you want, excepting TCP on one address:port and directing it
> > transparently to some other address:port (like the woman in the old
> > POTS did with the cable); you can (and I did it for testing purposes
> > as well) easy expand it to collect the data to some file, for example.
> It doesn't build on >=5.x :(

The fwtk2.1 stops building in 'auth' on 6.0-REL with:

$ make
cc -g -o authsrv authsrv.o proto.o db.o pass.o srvio.o      ../libauth.a ../libfwall.a     
pass.o(.text+0x64): In function `passverify':
/usr/home/guru/sysSrc/fwtk/fwtk/auth/pass.c:39: undefined reference to `crypt'
pass.o(.text+0x129): In function `passset':
/usr/home/guru/sysSrc/fwtk/fwtk/auth/pass.c:70: undefined reference to `crypt'
*** Error code 1

but you don't need the 'authsrv'; just go over to

$ cd plug-gw
$ make
cc -I.. -g  -c plug-gw.c
cc -g -o plug-gw plug-gw.o ../libfwall.a 
chmod 755 plug-gw

or fix the problem with 'crypt' :-)


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