Access ip local

Andy Reitz reitz at
Thu Apr 6 21:29:09 UTC 2006

On Sat, 1 Apr 2006, EDPSB wrote:

> Dear Sir,
> Iam a beginner with freebsd.
> Iam using vers 4.11 fo gateway with dedicated internet.
> If i want to access one of comp client (ip local) from internet ,how can i do???
> Example : ip client : port 80, 4500,4600
> Is it possible to using ipfw???

Hello Yuda,

If I understand you correctly, you would like to configure your
FreeBSD machine in such a way that it allows clients on the private
network to get access to the Internet. You can definitely do this (it
is what I do at home), and FreeBSD is a wonderful system to use for
such a purpose.

Along with ipfw, you will also need to use natd. The relevant selections
from the handbook that you will want to read are:


Good luck,
	-Andy Reitz.

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