FreeBSD hangs at boot

usleepless at usleepless at
Thu Apr 6 14:54:49 UTC 2006


the only thing i can think of at the moment is go on removing
hardware. remove the cd, the slave-hd etc.

i can understand if you are not happy about it, it is your decision.



On 4/6/06, Daniel A. <ldrada at> wrote:
> Hi.
> I am trying to get FreeBSD 6.0 running on my desktop machine, but with no
> luck.
> When I boot in anything but Safe Mode, FreeBSD will hang at boot and
> refuse to go further. I've tried to let have a go at it for 30
> minutes, but the boot process didnt get any further.
> When I try to boot the machine normally, it freezes at the following point:
> [...]
> ad0: 76319MB <Seagate ST380021A 3.19> at ata0-master PIO4
> ad1: 76319MB <Seagate ST380021A 3.19> at ata0-slave PIO4
> acd0: DVDR <PLEXTOR DVDR PX-740A/1.01> at ata1-master PIO4
> ad8: 114473MB <Seagate ST3120022A 3.06> at ata4-master PIO4
> The ad8 device is attached to my onboard "Promise PDC20376 SATA150
> controller", but even if I disable that device in BIOS, the system
> then freezes after displaying:
> acd0: DVDR <PLEXTOR DVDR PX-740A/1.01> at ata1-master PIO4
> Attached is the dmesg.boot I get when the SATA RAID controller is
> enabled and I boot in safe mode.

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