Cvsup & installworld process question

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Thu Apr 6 13:19:56 UTC 2006

"Bryan Curl" <bc3910 at> writes:

> Hopefully this is right place for my question and not to redundant.

When in doubt, this (freebsd-questions) is always the right place for
questions about FreeBSD.

> I have a new minimalist installation for use as a file server only (FreeBSD
> 6.0-RELEASE) with a very small set of ports installed. Basically Samba,
> Cvsup,man files, ports, all the source and their dependencies. I am
> primarily interested in keeping the system up to date with security patches,
> system updates, and of course, the ports I run. I want to optimize the
> amount of disk space for the public shares so I don't want to arbitrarily
> install a lot of programs I don't need.

Okay, although these days an extra few hundred megabytes on a file
server shouldn't be a big deal.  It's less than a dollar's worth of
hard disk.

> My question is,
> 1.) If I CVSUP SRC-ALL,  'make buildworld', 'make installworld' etc, will
> that install the entire source tree to my machine and eat up disk space
> unnecessarily? In other words do I need to weed out all but the basic
> components I want before make installworld?

The recommended approach is to update the whole base system at once.
It's not actually necessary, but following the official upgrade
procedure is highly recommended.  Note that this has nothing to do
with your ports.

> 2.) What branches of the source tree would I  be required to keep up to date
> for my minimal installation?

That would depend on your needs; but if you need to ask, I would
strongly recommend against doing it.

> I realized in testing on an older system that portupgrade will only install
> ports I am using but don't know if make installworld will do the same.

portupgrade will upgrade the ports you have installed, whether you
have used them or not.  

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