RESOLVED : Low perf of i386 6.0 on dell poweredge 1850 bi-Xeon2.8ghzDualCore

Eric ericd at
Thu Apr 6 10:29:38 UTC 2006


I'm comming back with solution to my problem.
In fact solution was to disable any cache on perc4 controller. I do this at 
the beginning but with perc4 controller it doesn't seems to be effective 
unless you delete everything and put good configuration when creating the 
logical drive and on more time in configuration mode.
Difference for high msql utilisation is server running near two time 
Still don't know why it was so more visible with smp.
For information perc4 configuration is :

On creation and on configuration :  Write Policy --> Writethru
                                                     Read Policy --> 


> On Thu, Mar 09, 2006 at 04:19:15PM +0100, Eric D'HEM wrote:
> >Mail NETvigieHi,
> >
> >I buy a new DELL PowerEdge 1850 with Bi-Xeon 2.8GHZ/2*2MB Dual Core 
> >800FSB
> >processor, 2Go DDR2 RAM, PERC4di RAID controller with 2 SCSI U320
> >15.000tpm
> >36Go hdd on RAID1.
> >
> >I install on it Freebsd 6.0, apache 2.2.0 and mysql 4.1.18 and compare
> >performance with :
> >
> >OLD PowerEDge with only simple Bi-Xeon 3.0 GHZ and freebsd 4.11.
> >
> >Result is that web and local databases query are +- 4 times slower with
> >freebsd 6.0 and dual-core.
> >
> >I try with and without smp and  threaded kernel and results are same.
> >I came back to Generic kernel to see if it come from my kernel
> >configuration but result was same.

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