Tom tzons at
Wed Apr 5 23:18:34 UTC 2006

I am just looking at Free BSD as a Windows alternative.  I have a home
workgroup that I am out growing and wanting to do more with, but don't want
to give MS any more Hundreds of hard earned dollars.


My first question is where can I find a site that will list all approved or
thoroughly checked out hardware to build a "box" (motherboards, and the
like).  I don't have the time, or patience to get into major software
conflicts or bugs. I want to follow a A to B to C box build and software
setup. Is there someone (or more) to guide me through the process? Is there
a website with complete and accurate information on it? Is there a "BSD for
idiots" instruction book that's current? Is there a BSD project team working
with manufactures and touting their successes?  Help!


Thank You


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