memory slot info

Derek Ragona derek at
Wed Apr 5 22:44:42 UTC 2006

Look up your motherboard at:

You will find the part numbers and even some pricing information too.


At 05:40 AM 3/29/2006, Simon Gray wrote:

>Hi guys,
>I have a freebsd server co-located (twin p3 1ghz) running fbsd 5.3, it
>runs fine. I'm looking to add an extra gig of ram to it taking it to
>2gig. The motherboard is a Tyan LE (S2510)
>My question is - Without opening up the box, does anybody know of any
>tools or anyway to find out what dimm slots are in use? E.g. if would be
>helpful to know whether the box is using 2 out of the the 4 dimm slots
>or 3 out of the 4 slots. (Basically I need to find out if I can get away
>with buying 2x 512meg dims or a single 1024 meg dimm.)
>I don't have physical access to the box either - otherwise I could
>reboot and run memtestx86 or something similar
>Any ideas/suggestions?
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