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Jeff Cross jeff.cross at
Wed Apr 5 21:35:41 UTC 2006

[LoN]Kamikaze wrote:
> Jeff Cross wrote:
>> Can anyone give me some guidance in using javavmwrapper?  I have
>> searched high and low (I know someone will post the link I have
>> overlooked) but can't seem to find any detailed information on how to
>> use it. I understand that there are some environment variables I can use
>> to choose between different VMs (linux-sun-jdk-1.4.2, jdk-1.4.2, and
>> jdk-1.5.0) but I can't seem to locate anything.
> I do not know where this is documented, but the best way to deal with it
> is setting the variable JAVA_PREFERRED_PORTS in your '/etc/make.conf'. I.e.
> for jdk15. The complete list is
>                     JAVA_PORT_NATIVE_BSDJAVA_JDK_1_5
>                     JAVA_PORT_NATIVE_BSDJAVA_JDK_1_4
>                     JAVA_PORT_NATIVE_BSDJAVA_JDK_1_3
>                     JAVA_PORT_NATIVE_FREEBSD_JDK_1_3
>                     JAVA_PORT_NATIVE_BSDJAVA_JDK_1_2
>                     JAVA_PORT_NATIVE_BSDJAVA_JDK_1_1
>                     JAVA_PORT_LINUX_SUN_JDK_1_4
>                     JAVA_PORT_LINUX_SUN_JDK_1_3
>                     JAVA_PORT_LINUX_SUN_JDK_1_2
>                     JAVA_PORT_LINUX_BLACKDOWN_JDK_1_4
>                     JAVA_PORT_LINUX_BLACKDOWN_JDK_1_3
>                     JAVA_PORT_LINUX_BLACKDOWN_JDK_1_2
>                     JAVA_PORT_LINUX_IBM_JDK_1_4
>                     JAVA_PORT_LINUX_IBM_JDK_1_3
> to be found in '/usr/ports/Mk/'.
>> Also, does it only help when compiling ports that use Java or will it
>> work to run an application with a different VM?
> You can run software that was built by older versions, but not vice
> versa. That means you can run software that was compiled by 1.4 on 1.5
> but not the other way around. Unless you set something like '-target
> 1.4' when building.
>> Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
>> Jeff Cross
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Here is the reason I am asking, and maybe someone could shed some light
on this as well.

I have been using Zend Studio Client 4.0.2 on FreeBSD 6.0-SECURITY for
quite some time.  I updated my ports and packages (which Zend is not)
the other day and it hasn't worked since.

So, if I wanted to try running Zend with the jdk15 port, how would I
specify that I wanted to use the 1.5 version of the jdk before firing
off the process?  I wouldn't think that making the change in my
make.conf file would do this, would it?

Thanks in advance!

Jeff Cross

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