Award BIOS Upgrade Fees - Slightly Offtopic

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Wed Apr 5 15:11:41 UTC 2006

Thompson, Jimi wrote:

>I just encountered what I consider to be a totally outrageous problem.
>I've got a system with a BIOS issue.  The motherboard maker has decided
>to use Award's BIOS and they want a minimum of $39.95 to email me the
>BIOS update that I need to fix the system.  
So why haven't you named-and-shamed them?

My experience of BIOS updates is that they appear free on the 
manufacturer's website.  If I thought a motherboard manufacturer would 
do otherwise, I would avoid them.

Not much help you you, finding this out in retrospect, of course.

Does the US have consumer legislation which protects you against 
products which are not "fit for purpose"?  In the UK, that's certainly 
the tack I'd try.  Send me the BIOS update or give me my money back.

Good luck,


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