Linksys EG1032 support

Ashley Moran work at
Wed Apr 5 12:54:24 UTC 2006


We've just upgraded our office switch to a gigabit Netgear one.  We bought a 
stack of Linksys EG1032 cards because the hardware list says they are 
compatible with FreeBSD 6.  I've got one working in my desktop (dmesg 
identifies it as re0: <Linksys EG1032 (RTL8169S) Gigabit Ethernet>) which is 
running on an MSI K7N2 Delta2.  But on our Asus A8V Deluxe servers the card 
is not recognised (even the exact same card).  Any ideas why it wouldn't 

Can anyone recommend a gigabit card that will run in 6.0-REL (amd64)?  I was 
about to order two D-Link DGE-530T cards but I found a page 
( ) 
saying they don't actually work due to chipset changes.  Now I'm scared to 
buy ANY card in case the manufacturer has actually branded up a different 
chipset under the same name (which is a ridiculous practice IMHO).

Thanks Ashley

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