rpcbind: connect from to dump() ??

Andrew Reilly andrew-freebsd at areilly.bpc-users.org
Tue Apr 4 22:51:17 UTC 2006

Hi there,

I'm running an NFS server on one of my FreeBSD-6-STABLE systems,
and it keeps putting that message into my /var/log/auth.log
file.  When I say keeps, there are thousands of such logs per
day, sometimes separated by seconds, sometimes by many minutes
or hours.  I can't find anything on the subject in the man pages
for rpcbind.

Presumably it's whinging because I'm not running some service
that it expects to be there?

The relevant (?) part of my rc.conf file is just:


The primary NFS client is a diskless NetBSD box, if that
matters.  (That's why mountd has -r set: I used to NFS mount a
swap partition, but now I just run that box without swap, so
that flag is redundant.)

This has been happening for a long time, and doesn't seem to be
causing any actual problem, I just wanted to know what's going
on, and perhaps to stop it from complaining.

Any help greatly appreciated.



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