Cvsup src-all and installworld process question

Andy Reitz reitz at
Tue Apr 4 18:32:59 UTC 2006

On Tue, 4 Apr 2006, Bryan Curl wrote:

> Hopefully this is right place for my question and not to redundant a
> question.
> I have a new minimalist installation for use as a file server only (FreeBSD
> 6.0-RELEASE) with a very small set of ports installed. Basically Samba,
> Cvsup,man files, ports, all the source and their dependencies. I am
> primarily interested in keeping the system up to date with security patches,
> system updates, and of course, the ports I run. I want to optimize the
> amount of disk space for the public shares so I don't want to arbitrarily
> install a lot of programs I don't need.
> My question is,
> 1.) If I CVSUP SRC-ALL,  'make buildworld', 'make installworld' etc, will
> that install the entire source tree to my machine and eat up disk space
> unnecessarily? In other words do I need to weed out all but the basic
> components I want before make installworld?
> 2.) What branches of the source tree would I  be required to keep up to date
> for my minimal installation?
> I realized in testing on an older system that portupgrade will only install
> ports I am using but don't know if make installworld will do the same.

Hi Bryan,

I don't think that bringing down the "src-all" collection via CVSup will
use a lot of extraneous disk space. While you could comment-out "src-all"
and include only specific collections, I think the specific collections
aren't necessarily granular enough that taking one out makes sense.

For example, on my machine, the sourcecode in the 'contrib' collection is
taking up 200+ Mb of space. However, contrib includes things like gcc,
gdb, top, traceroute, telnet, etc... That I wouldn't want to be without on
a normal FreeBSD machine.

The things that you probably could cut, like 'games' and kerberos,
represent less than 10Mb of the 400+ Mb total of my /usr/src directory.

So, I would say that if you are sensitive about disk space, be sure to
clean up '/usr/obj' after doing a build/install world. That is a pretty
low-hanging fruit, in terms of cleanin up disk space.

Good luck,
	-Andy Reitz.

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