TCP/IP source Code

Chava Leviatan chavale at
Tue Apr 4 16:31:42 UTC 2006

Hi Gabor,

thanks for the prompt reply.

What about obtaining the source into a windows machine (not FreeBSD one). 
Where Can I find those sources
( I don't care much  about the verson ) that I can just download  and put 
them iinto a regular Windows editor?

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> Chava Leviatan wrote:
>>How can i get the TCP/IP source code , mainly sys/netinet.
>>I have been browsing the site for a while , but havn'yt managed to 
>>discover how can I get those
>>simple .c, .h files
>>Any help is highly appreciated
> Hello,
> you can see the methods in the handbook to obtain the source:
> Cheers,
> Gabor Kovesdan

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