Best way to print photos

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Tue Apr 4 05:19:26 UTC 2006

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            Vayu <vayu at> writes:
: On Monday 03 April 2006 12:27, M. Warner Losh wrote:
: > OK.  I got bordered photo printing working.  I haven't gotten
: > borderless printing working, alas.
: > 
: > The key points I learned:
: > 
: > (1) Install print/cups.
: > (2) Install graphics/hpijs.	This filters .ps -> goo the printer groks
: > (3) Install graphics/gimp.	This makes .ps files
: > (4) Kill lpr/lpd before starting cups.
: > (5) Make sure you configure lpr/lpd not to startup on boot
: > (6) Remove lp* binaries
: > (7) Setup buildworld /etc/make.conf so it doesn't build lpr with
: > (8) Add printer via localhost:631 web interface.
: > (8) Set printer to draft mode via cups for testing
: > (9) Use firefox to generate test prints.
: > (10) To print from gimp, I have to remove the '-l' from the command
: >      line every time I print in the printer setup.  This causes the
: >      raw .ps file to go to the printer, rather than via cups'
: >      postscript filter for the printer.
: > (11) To get photos, one must set photo quality via cups setup
: >      interface.
: > 
: For someone who has just been struggling with CUPS this is helpful.
: Would you mind elaborating the steps on how to accomplish 5, 6 and 7 above?
: I've got most everything working, now I'd like to switch to the CUPs lp 
: commands.


Step 5 is accomplished by not having a line like lpd_enable=yes in
/etc/rc.conf.  I had one from when I was using lpd.

Step 6 is just 'sudo rm -f /usr/bin/lp?*'.  /usr/bin/lp is mildly
useful, and will be recreated.  There's also a knob to the cups port
which lets you override the system default programs, but I'm unsure
what it is.  A quick grep shows me nothing (likely grepping in the
wrong dir).

Step 7 is just adding the lines:
	NO_LPR=yes			6.x and older
	WITHOUT_LPR=yes			7.x and newer
to /etc/make.conf.  In 7.x and newer you can add it to /etc/src.conf
as well.


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