Panic Reboots

Wil Hatfield freebsd at
Mon Apr 3 19:47:35 UTC 2006

Debugging is not enabled ... yet. It just sits at the bottom of the panic
screen and gives no options. The spot at the bottom is normally where it
says "Rebooting in nn seconds........"

Wil Hatfield

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On Monday 03 April 2006 12:36, Wil Hatfield wrote:
> Well that didn't work. My Fatal Trap 12 just sits there until we
> get it plugged in and run a couple of fsck on it.
> So why doesn't 5.4 reboot on panics?  And is this also an issue
> with 6.x?
Does it sit at a db> prompt?
I normally have debugging enabled and have the following in my kernel

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