terrible performance in 6.1beta4

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Mon Apr 3 13:18:05 UTC 2006


i believe he has given up.

i would say that on a dedicated database machine 50-75%
dedicated(shared) memory is not overkill.

wasn't there some other switch which determined wether to page
shared-memory out?



On 4/3/06, Norberto Meijome <freebsd at meijome.net> wrote:
> On Wed, 29 Mar 2006 19:09:26 -0600
> Miguel <mmiranda at 123.com.sv> wrote:
> > Hi, im loading a lot of information to a postgresql 8.1.3 database,
> > im using the copy command, using the same file and version of
> > postgres in gentoo it spend a few minutes (~4-5), in freebsd
> > 6.1-beta4 it has already spent 25 minutes and the server apparently
> > is doing nothing,
> [...]
> Hey Miguel,
> I would agree with all the comments about memory and buffers - tweak
> them till you allocate the right amount (i.e., make sure you don't OVER
> allocate...though i'm sure you'd see those errors in the pgsql log.
> what does ktrace show when you attach it to the process that is
> importing the data (client and server processes,actually).
> - have you tried doing a binary export and import? I've found them to
> be faster, though they may not work for what you need (I think I'm
> using them for backups... ). my hardware is pretty much the same as
> yours, though 4 GB RAM and 4 drives., but my DB is somewhat larger
> > and the reponse time of remote logins or running
> > simple commands like ls -l /etc takes a lot of time (35 secs ort so),
> > cpu usage is very low:
> ... and all these commands become responsive as usual the minute you
> kill the import process?
> btw, you definitely want to kill the indices / FKs in that table until
> you're finished with the initial import - it'll speed things up a lot.
> Beto
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