Filesystem layout with sperated /boot partition

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Mon Apr 3 04:20:08 UTC 2006


> Because it instinctively (without the MBR boot manager)
> looks for /boot/kernel/kernel in the first partition of the
> first active slice on the first drive.

But I have choosen to install the Boot loader. ;-o

>> ...
>> 1) I wouldnt mind on which partition "/boot" or "/" sits or what its 
>> named, but
>> I would like to separate "/boot" on a different partition
> Why you would want to do this is a bit unclear.

I would like to use different mount option later on each partitions - just for
the fun of it ;-). That wouldnt be possible if all is on one partititon. Would
that make any sense ?

> That's a sysinstall thing.  If you were to muck about
> and install your base system without sysinstall you
> could place it wherever.  And it probably still won't
> boot.

So whats the solution to this ??? Not installing FreeBSD ? Develop my own Boot
loader ?

> Part of the reason linux wants to make /boot its
> own partition is their ugly habit of not seperating
> anything else from root.

I decide not to comment on this anymore. I didnt came here to start a 
flame war
of the OS's. Let's not go down that road (most come back uglier than before),
lets focus on the technical issue instead.

Best regards

Nils Valentin

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