ifconfig wepkey on 6.0

kalin mintchev kalin at el.net
Sun Apr 2 23:18:40 UTC 2006

hi..  i'm trying again to make my wepkey work..

i load manually wlan_wep. then do this in order:
ifconfig wi0 ssid here-and-now channel 6
ifocnfig wi0 wepmode on
ifconfig wi0 wepkey 1:0x7924092374273503745WEPKEYSTUFF
dhclient wi0

using bind dhclient

i get:
wi0: timeout in wi_cmd 0x0002; event status 0x8008
wi0: timeout in wi_cmd 0x0000; event status 0x8008
etc.. then it says that the network is down and the wi0 status is changed
to DOWN..

i'm really in need to fix this here as i'm on a convention that uses 128
bit key and i cant get a connection... and i need it badly..

thanks a lot...

>>>   according to the man page of ifconfig in 6.0 the wepkey should be 5
> or
>>> 13 characters
>>     ^ascii
>> comes out to a bit more in hex :-)
>> just enter  wepkey 309EFC5AB8
>   what do you mean?
>   i'm confused now...  sorry. the key is generated by the point - wireless
> router. and i get an hex string back..  no matter what i put in as
> password (or how many ascii characters) i always get the 128 bit hex. so
> when i try it with ifconfig i always get the same error - even without the
> index and the 0x...
> ifconfig: SIOCS80211: Invalid argument
>> randy
>  thanks...

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