reconfiguring a package

Luiz Eduardo Guida Valmont legvalmont at
Sun Apr 2 20:23:32 UTC 2006

I'm sorry if this is one of those rtfm cases, but I've exhausted my options
so far (except asking for help here ^^).

When you "make install" a package, for some the first thing you get is a
screen where you choose some compile-time options that affect the package's
dependancies (eg. "postgresql support" when trying to install amarok). The
question is simple: is there a way or a make target that deletes my choices
and / or forces make to ask them again?

I tryed selecting everything for amarok and now both krb5 and heimdal are
indirect dependancies. That wouldn't pose a problem if they did not
conflict, but unfortunately they do.

Any help is appreciated...

Luiz Eduardo

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