hunting for secure fileserver-connection!

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Sun Apr 2 18:41:34 UTC 2006

hi 2 all gurus!

the scenario:
- freebsd-fileserver with encrypted HDD's (GELI) (1.5TB)
- windows (sorry for that, it's a requirement) as client

the quest:
- securely mount shared filesystems from the server from
  the windows client w/o being open to sniffers/network
  hacks (non-weak encryption required)
- files should be accessible like with windows-fileserver
  shares through UNC and/or drive-name(s)
- server and clients should share the same network. (no
  tunnelling etc...)
- authentication should be done against local defined users

what we don't want:
- VPN/IPSEC/... between the hosts
- webdav

we've been looking on solutions like secure nfs over tcp,
samba, etc... but except making it slower, there have been
no real good solutions until yet.

anybody out there, who has a good advice on that?

br & cu...

ps: i know it's crazy, but it should be possible, nope?

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