[4-STABLE] vm.kvm_free > vm.kvm_size ... how?

Marc G. Fournier scrappy at hub.org
Sat Apr 1 17:45:50 UTC 2006

I recently upgraded one of my servers to the latest 4-STABLE ... we're 
just starting to migrate servers to 6.x, but I can't do this one yet ... 
after an indeterminate period of time running with a little bit of load, 
the server crashes with a page fault ... I have a script hat runs every 12 
minutes or so taht reports various things to syslog, including teh above 
two sysctl variables ... looking at the times for the last two crashes, 
I'm noticing that kvm_free is *way* bigger (~4x) then kvm_size ...

What would cause this?  And/or what else should I be looking at?

Apr  1 06:12:00 mars root: vm.kvm_size: 1069543424
Apr  1 06:12:00 mars root: vm.kvm_free: 8384512
Apr  1 06:24:01 mars root: vm.kvm_size: 1069543424
Apr  1 06:24:01 mars root: vm.kvm_free: 4294963200

Until I upgraded, the only problem that the server was showing was related 
to a failed hard drive ... never anything like the above :(

Thanks ...

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