quota with OWM

Marwan Sultan dead_line at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 1 16:22:44 UTC 2006

Hello Gurus,

This problem is related to DiskQuotas and OpenWebMail package, but no one 
replied back
in OWM mailing list, I'm sending in here hope someone knows a good way to 
solve this.

I'm On FreeBSD 4.8, latest openwebmail version,(upgraded)
Openwebmail is a .pl scripts.

Lately i have enabled quota on my OS, because my users are increasing with 
and some of them hit 200MB!

Well i hgave setup openwebmail to read DiskQuotas from Unix File system 
(Soft, hard limits)

Lets asume the user test has quota system soft 45 and hard 50
when you go to (Folder) option in that user OWM you will see the follow in 

Total 19MB Quota usage: 16.6MB (36.9%)  Quota limit: 45MB

The actual user mail quota is 19MB, but then it says 16.6MB !!
If you delete any email from inbox then quota will be increase in the time 
it should be
decreased! and the 19MB it will decrease!

As i Understod that, QUota module reading the user SHELL account, and 
ignoring the /var/mail
thats why We see 16.6MB which is the shell account quota.
but spool will read the /var/mail and ignore SHELL account! (this the 
problem viseversa)
thats why we read 19MB (19 is the INBOX)

Weill (Spool_limit) is an option you set in OWM to limit the INBOX ONLY, 
(spool reads /var/mail)

well impossible to fix the quota system in this way! because the user maybe 
will have
45MB in his inbox(/var/mail) and 45MB in his private folder(homedir).
with total 90MB becuase the spool_limit will allow him upto 45MB in 
and the quota will allow him 45MB in the SHELL account!

How would i controll that please?
Simply I just want to limit his complete MailBox (inbox, trush..etc..) to 
just 45MB, for example.
any simple easy way to make it read this and that?

Thank you and really sorry for the long email.


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