Best way to print photos

P.U.Kruppa root at
Sat Apr 1 03:47:21 UTC 2006

I didn't catch the complete thread, but perhaps I can help a 
little bit.

On Fri, 31 Mar 2006, M. Warner Losh wrote:

> : > : > Thanks for the tips.  I have these ports installed, but am
> : > : > tripping over something stupidly basic: what converts the
> : > : > pict0001.jpg into something that can be fed to the hpijs driver
> : > : > that will print?
> : > : >
> : > : > Warner
> : Are you using cups? Or something else? If you have your printer working
> : under cups, then I would think that gimp would print to it.
> I have cups running.  I'd have thought that too, so I'm doing
> something insanely stupid.  I can print to my other HP printer, but it
> understands .ps natively.  If the answer to printing from gimp is
> 'just print a .ps' then I'm happy.
Once you have setup cups correctly you can simply type
 	# lpr your_image.jpg
and it will be printed out.

> I can print test pages with the CUPS interface w/o a problem.  I'll
> try directly printing a simple color PS document next.  I just
> realized that I haven't tried to do that yet.
There might be a very simple reason for your problems:
Cups' lpr program lives in /usr/local/bin/lpr and thus will be 
shadowed  by FreeBSD's native /usr/bin/lpr .
Try something like
 	# /usr/local/bin/lpr your_image.jpg
If that works we will have to set some links and everything will 
be fine.



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