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Pgold pgoldone at
Sat Apr 1 00:03:34 UTC 2006

I guess that what he actually means is that the file is too big. And
if there is some way to reduce it, so that it's easier(faster, less
bandwidth usage) to download.
I don't know what is the best way.


On 3/31/06, Bill Moran <wmoran at> wrote:
> "Darryl Hoar" <darryl at> wrote:
> > Greetings,
> > I have my own freebsd box that is a webserver (running apache).
> > My wife has a family oriented website on this server.  She has videos
> > that she has taken with dvd camcorder.  She used Ulead on her
> > windows machine to create mpg files but 6 minutes generates 200MB
> > files.
> >
> > What is a good technique to provide video's on a website ?
> Putting it on the webserver.
> However, I expect that there's another, hidden question here.  What is
> the problem that you're having?  Perhaps I'm slow today, but it seems
> like you're saying: "I'm going to do this, is that OK?"  If that's the
> case, then the answer is "yes".
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