Quick Routing Question

Jason Morgan jwm-freebsd at sentinelchicken.net
Mon Oct 31 21:41:47 PST 2005

I am setting up a wireless subnet and, while the gateway (FreeBSD
system) is communicating fine with the wireless router, my other subnet
is not able to connect to the wireless router. Here is a diagram of my
network, I think it's fairly typical.

                         Wired Subnet (10.0.0.x)
Internet <-- FreeBSD Machine 
                         Wireless Subnet (192.168.1.x)

The 'wired' interface on the FreeBSD machine has an IP of, with 
the 'wireless' IP being  Now, the FreeBSD machine and the 
wireless router ( communicate fine as does the wired subnet; 
however, I am not able to connect from a 10.0.0.x client to the wireless 
router. After running traceroute, etc, it seems that the FreeBSD machine 
is simply not routing the data from one subnet to the other. I've 
verified that it's not the firewall blocking packets. How do I get these 
subnets to communicate?


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