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run /stand/sysinstall as root

choose Configure->Distributions->src-> choose what sources to install

and sysinstall will ask you what media would you like to use for installation.
You can choose the installation over the net from various servers.

And generally, you have to read chapters number 20 and number 14.14 in the handbook to
keep your sources up to date.

> Greetings All,

> I am new to FreeBSD but have a lot of Linux experience so I think that
> the migration should not be too difficult.

> The reason that I am investigating FreeBSD is because I hear that it 
> performs GREAT under heavy loads and many larger ISP are using it 
> without fail. In my experience, Linux, although a great OS, seems to bog
> down under heavy loading. I could be wrong though and it could have just
> been to misconfiguration on my part.

> Well, I have a base installation of FreeBSD 4.11 which is needed for a
> particular project but now need to compile the kernel to support QUOTA's.

> My question is how do I install the sources over the web so that I can
> compile the kernel to support quotas?

> The FreeBSD docs tell a little, but mostly assume that you have the 
> sources already on the system to compile which I do not have and need to
> download them.

> If some one could please give me a little guidance then I would greatly
> appreciate it.

> Thanks in advance,
> Lonnie
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