cannot get IP working between associated ath0 & AP, what to do?

Stijn Hoop stijn at
Mon Oct 31 10:25:42 PST 2005


I have an SMC PCMCIA wireless adapter, model SMCWCB-G, based on an
Atheros 5212 chipset, in a laptop running a fresh install of FreeBSD

The card associates fine, but then fails to send any IP packets in the
air, or at least that's what I presume is going on. I cannot ping the
AP, I cannot get a lease using DHCP, basically the only thing I can do
is associate. I think it does associate because when I set an invalid
wep key, the status changes back to 'no carrier'. Setting a static IP
address does not help.

Any hints on where I might go from here to debug this? I know the
setup should work because in a previous life [1] it Worked With
Windows[TM] (and on the same AP).



[1] read: the day before yesterday...

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