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Csaba Henk cs at
Mon Oct 31 06:02:10 PST 2005

Thanks for all the tips and answers, I will consider the mentioned

Yet I have one more question...

On Sun, Oct 30, 2005 at 01:22:35PM -0600, Eric Schuele wrote:
> dump(8) will create a snapshot of a live filesystem, dump the snapshot 
> and then remove the snapshot, if given the correct flags ('-L').

Can even a full bakcup done safely on a live filesystem by "dump -L"?

As dump(8) says when explaining the -L flag:

 To obtain a consistent dump image, dump takes a snapshot of the file
 system in the .snap directory in the root of the file system being
 dumped and then does a dump of the snapshot.

I don't see how the temporary snapshot can improve the
reliability/consistency/correctness of the dump. Could someone explain

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