acd0 Hardware error

Jose Luis Alarcon Sanchez jlalarcon at
Sun Oct 30 14:25:15 PST 2005

Hi Friends.

Every time i use my DVD player unit, i get on the kernel messages
console, repeated many times, this:

acd0: FAILURE - READ_CD HARDWARE ERROR asc=0x08 ascq=0x03 error=0

What is the mean of this line?. With others Operating Systems, in the
same machine, i don't have nothing like this...

This is the line about the DVD player unit in dmesg:

acd0: DVDROM <Pioneer DVD-ROM ATAPIModel DVD-116 0122/E1.22> at
ata1-master UDMA66

Any help is very apreciated.

Thanks you very much, in advance.




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