An installation on SCSI Drives

Ronald Maggio ron_maggio2004 at
Sun Oct 30 13:44:24 PST 2005

Hello, everyone.

I’m about to install FreeBSD, and I have two questions.

Some background information about this project. I have 25gigs of SCSI HDD’s unformatted to use. 


My first question is:

Other then /root, /swap, /user, and /var, what other partitions are needed for a first go at FreeBSD, in Linux /home is often used, but what is a good lineup for FreeBSD other then the ones named so far?

The books I’ve read so far really don’t relate a whole lot in this regard.


My second question is:

If I need to span a partition over more than one hard drive how is this done? If I were to make a large /user partition over small drives, how are these partition extensions set up? Again the books don’t relate how this is done during an installation.


I have not seen these subjects pointed out, nor have I come across them so far. The book (s) I have, take one into a step by step method, but do not point out these subjects at the appropriate time during the installation.  


Thanks, Ron:)

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