Enumerating a Windows based PC from a FreeBSD based server - Resolved

Paul Hamilton paulh at bdug.org.au
Sat Oct 29 21:57:17 PDT 2005


OK, after a lot more searching of the ports system - nothing found so far.
Something joggled a neuron to have a look at what samba utils could tell me.

By running: "nmblookup -A <IP Number or PC name>"  it quickly returns a nice
list of info. All I need to do then is grep for '<03>' and exclude the PC
name to have a list of users logged into that PC or Server.

I have only done hand testing. I will whip up a script, and test it out
during a work day to see how it goes ;-)



Paul Hamilton

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> Subject: Enumerating a Windows based PC from a FreeBSD based server
> Hi,
> I am trying to document which managed switch port (HP 4000m),
> a users PC is plugged into.  I had thought to use a login 
> script to dump some info into a MySQL DB, but I am now 
> leaning on scanning the switch, and build up the data 
> backwards from there.  The info will all end up on a PHP 
> searchable web page.  I should then be able to track admin 
> logins (does anyone know the passwd?), have some users given 
> their username and passwd to someone else to use? Etc.
> I have found the SNMP OID's of the IP and MAC addresses and
> the switch port number the computer is plugged into.  From a 
> DNS lookup, I can find the PC name, but how do I find out the 
> current logged in user name on the PC, remotely from a FreeBSD server?
> The GFI LanGuard network scanner is a very informative tool:
> http://www.gfi.com/lannetscan/  so having something similar 
> to this on a FreeBSD server would be great. The utility must 
> of course be scriptable.
> Cheers,
> Paul
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