xorg.conf block my machine

Mike Jeays Mike.Jeays at rogers.com
Wed Oct 26 07:46:40 PDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-10-26 at 10:01, Micah wrote:
> Pablo Allietti wrote:
> > hi all. i have xorg loading in tty7 at startup. 
> > i change my mouse and i modified the file xorg.conf to mouse0 to mouse1. 
> > 
> > well.... the problem is my machine cant start again :( load all system
> > but when finish and try to start X system the screen blinking and i cant
> > do anything
> > 
> > i try to load freebsd in safe mode but nothing the same is possible
> > modified the file xorg.conf in any way?
> > 
> > i boot in single user too. but the filesystem is read only and i cant
> > find a editor too. :(
> Boot from your install disk and chose "fixit" from the menu.  When you 
> get a shell, mount the drive that has xorg.conf and edit the file.
> HTH,
> Micah
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As an alternative, try pressing ctrl-alt-F2, and you should get a text
login.  You should be able to log in as root and fix xorg.conf.

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